Body, mind and soul

What have you made as foundation for your life?

During my meditation teaching journey, the pillar and the start of the teachings were on the consciousness of who we are: a body, mind and soul.

The focus was to bring to the meditation participants the awareness that in order to achieve balance, we need to get conscious of what is happening within all three, and learn how to listen to ourselves. Our body send messages all the time for us, our mind and our soul as well.

The value was not just to listen and capture the message, but also understand that we work as a system, and all those three elements are correlated and influence each other, as an example: an emotion created by a thought in the mind can generate a tension in the body bringing some pain or discomfort. And meditation is a key to capture this information.

Besides the meditation teaching per itself, I always loved to made a closure with a question: From this vision about us as body, mind and soul, what are we bringing to our life as our main foundation? Like a table needs the feet to balance it and stand, what is are we bringing as our foundation to our lives? Money? Beauty? Instagram followers? Career? Relationships? Material possessions?

All of it has its value and importance in our lives, but, all of it will go away one day… we get old and the youth beauty will also go away… We may lose our jobs, we may loose relationships, we may loose all our money and material possessions. What is then left?

That is the role of our soul, that should be our main foundation, that our believes will make us stand even during strong storms in our lives.

Whatever is you belief: God, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, bring it to your main foundation and fortify your faith, that will support you go through whatever is challenging you in this limited material life experience.

What are you making as the foundations of your life right now? Where are you investing more time today? Can it go away one day?

Then, it’s time to rethink… so you can fortify your life base for a more fulfilling life.

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Body, mind and soul

Live to work, or work to live?

I classify my life and career in “ages”, just like in human history in which we have some common scenarios in each age: I see some facts, mindset and behaviours that marked me in specific phases of my career.

As an example, my “middle age” career time was in the early 2000’s, and it was like the dark age of humanity, lots of work, and taxes to pay, low in money and some terror from my colleague who used to fill me with fear. Looks like the human middle age, right? hehe

When I was in this career “middle age”, I remember to share to my life Guru: my Opa (grandfather) all my dissatisfaction and worries, and he came to me with this question: Are you living to work, or are you working to live ?

Guru that is a guru don’t need to speak much right? Just this phrase made me realize that the way I was handling my life was not the way I wanted really to live. And it took to make positive changes afterwards… I needed this push and light, and insights fro my life were appearing on the next days.

So, sharing this light for you too… Are you living to work, or are you working to live ?

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