Back in 2020, with the pandemics, I had some days of lockdown from my work, and… to make a better use of that time, I have decided to invest in a meditation teacher certificate, as I was practicing and studying meditation for myself for around 20 years already. With this certificate I have also started to give online meditation classes to Brazilians, without financial purposes. That experience lead me to have a collection of self-created guided meditations, which in one year 13.000 people meditated with.

I am no longer making the classes or recording the meditations, but I am sharing them here as I’ve received plenty of good feedbacks. Currently there is no recorded meditation in English, just in Portuguese.

Purificação de Jesus Cristo

Ativação do Terceiro Olho

Limpeza dos chacras

Aliviar a mente

Transmutação do Planeta

Conquista dos sonhos

Meditação do propósito

Mais energia para o seu dia

Meditação do inverno

Meditação da Nova Era

Sono purificador

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2a Lei Universal

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