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Leader, do you also feel there is no time to innovate? 

I would like to start quoting J.R.R.Tolkien: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” In Lord of the Rings, the moment of this phrase is when Gandalf brings hope to Frodo, who is tired, in pain and realising the weight of the burden he has to… Continue reading Leader, do you also feel there is no time to innovate? 


An unattachment process

In every decision comes great responsibility, and courage in getting accountable for the result of what has been decided. After 4 years working for the company that brought me to Germany, I was invited by another company for a new challenge, bigger scope and challenge which energize me a lot.My new role is 100% remote,… Continue reading An unattachment process

The danger of a “Fear of talking”​ culture

“When two men in a business always agree, one of them is unnecessary.” William Wrigley, Jr. I was reading about William Wrigley and that thought came in my mind:  A company with the “fear of talking” culture is the tangible example of the quote above. A place where employees are scared of exposing their opinion… Continue reading The danger of a “Fear of talking”​ culture

The Intrapreneurship value

I really love this global moment of entrepreneurship, is amazing the number of entrepreneurs , startups and people dreaming about building startups everywhere in the globe. This is really an exponencial moment of innovation, ideias and society development. I, as an entrepreneurship lover and a corporate expert, believe that we should stimulate people inside the… Continue reading The Intrapreneurship value

Sweet self-esteem

The best phase when you are single is when you start to live your life on your own and Totally free from expectations from the outside. Small things like traveling on a weekend to the place you want, to enjoy on your own… going to the market to buy healthy foods for you, just because… Continue reading Sweet self-esteem

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