About my book

I can’t believe that after 10 years drafting, and putting the drafts by side… I have decided finally to finish my first book.

It is not yet perfect, but, what is perfect in life right?

But it is indeed my first book writing experience, and I am still learning with it.

Besides my love for innovation topics (my career mission), I have a passion for studying about us, humans.

I have studied meditation, several religions and philosophies like Buddhism, Taoism, Indian, Kabbalah, Catholicism, Luther, Gnostic, Spiritualism, Spiritism, and also read and studied about Neuro programming linguistics and psychology. I continually do the Bible reading to learn from our Jesus, and always practice the self-learning process that only life experiences can bring to us: self-reflection, get conscious about the emotions, thoughts and mind, and learn from it.

About all those steps of self learning process, I had also the blessing to have had a guru as a grandpa, my Opa (German grandpa), was also a person with thirsty about self-development, and have shared his major discoveries in notes for me.

I have compiled and customised it into this small and easy-to-read book.

First, in Portuguese… but soon, in English too.

Conselhos para vida

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