An unattachment process

In every decision comes great responsibility, and courage in getting accountable for the result of what has been decided.

After 4 years working for the company that brought me to Germany, I was invited by another company for a new challenge, bigger scope and challenge which energize me a lot.
My new role is 100% remote, which made me see myself in a thinking loop… specially about the city in which I am living today.

I’ll share a little bit of my moves from the last years:

In the last 4 years, I had lived in 4 homes already, the first one was a temporary furnished room inside of a very nice couple’s house, the second year I have rented an apartment which the same couple had for rent. I stayed there exactly 1,5 year until I moved to my ex-boyfriend’s house, we lived together for 1 year, and with the breakup, I return to rent a new home and this time near my previous job.

Worms, where I am currently living is a nice town, with 80.000 habitants, but if you are coming from a big city like me (Sao Paulo area in Brazil), you would miss some movements and the vibe that a big town can offer. Living in small towns in Germany is nice to improve the German as nobody speaks English, or even if they do, they don’t want to.

There are a lot of green fields to walk, nice parks, and the neighbours are also sweet and kind (at least I am a lucky one… I have heard not so nice stories from friends).

But, when you come as expat alone, a small town in Germany is not the perfect place, at it is very hard to build friendship. On my first year for example it took me 6 months until I start to have friends, and, lucky for me they are Brazilians :).

With this new plan in mind: moving to a bigger city, I have also decided for a more adventurer side of it: smart living concept, or, minimalist. In which I consider to have everything that I and my dog need to live fitting in my car.

Because this way, in case the next home does not work, I just move on…

Here in Germany there is a concept called “Wohnen auf Zeit”, which translates as “Temporary living”. It means that the home is 100% furnished, and includes in the monthly payment the internet, gas and electricity, you don’t need to worry about opening/closing contracts.

Perfect model for my current moment! 😀

I have been searching for this model in the Frankfurt area and have found an amazing building concept which includes besides the furnished apartment, garage, gym , coworking area and a nice terrace. In a very nice and new neighbourhood in Frankfurt, full of things around: gym, restaurants, markets, shops, and between the forest and the Main river.

Looks fantastic, and what is the current challenge with it? Reduce and let things go!

My future home will be a studio of 27m2, which I will live and work with my cutie dog.

The wardrobe is so small that I will need to reduce around 70% of what I have today (I have counted 180 pieces of clothes!!!)

And off course, if it is furnished, all the things I have bought for this current home I will have to let go…

So, the first plan: Garage Sale! 😀

I will make a big garage sale on the next days trying to reduce everything… low price, to really make this go…

Hopefully I’ll succeed, in case I don’t, some organisation will receive a lot of donations from me 🙂

But, the best part of this process is the emotional unattachment of the material things. There are things that I have for years, which I thought were valuable for me, but to be honest, it had a value in the past, and I can still find it in the future, so it feels really nice to let things go and make new people happy with my things. 🙂

Have you ever wondered what are the things you are accumulating, not using, and you believe it has value for you?

Maybe my post can inspire you to look from a different perspective… after all, what has really meaning in this life is not material at all.


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