The danger of a “Fear of talking”​ culture

“When two men in a business always agree, one of them is unnecessary.”

William Wrigley, Jr.

I was reading about William Wrigley and that thought came in my mind: 

A company with the “fear of talking” culture is the tangible example of the quote above. A place where employees are scared of exposing their opinion or questioning others, especially in higher positions. 

The culture driven by fear of authority is a very dangerous trigger to inefficiency, as people are always accepting what is told to do, without questioning.

It is a so called “execution company” which interferes innovation, as questions of “what could be different?” never appears. Employees with this mind-set have even more difficulty to see the possibilities of what could be transformed, as they are in execution mode. 

Do you remember any meeting that you would like to share your opinion, or to make a question but, afraid of being wrong, you haven’t spoke at all? 

This is not an easy topic, but for sure is something that we need to develop in ourselves.

Two things are necessary: 

  1. Courage: For questioning and sharing our thoughts

2.    Humbleness: For accepting the return that can be different of our first opinion. 

Be mindful and aware that we are always learning. Independent of your age, your position and how many degrees you have, the world changes so fast that new theories are always being created and new solutions are available every day in the world. 

There are always opportunities that employees can share their learnings and thoughts. If you are a leader, take a time to question yourself on, how often your employees are stimulating you on new ways of thinking and doing things? 

If there are not much feedback or return from their side, how are you promoting the necessary openness, so they can feel comfortable for sharing their opinion? 

Tell me your thought about it. Share your opinion.


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