Body, mind and soul

Sweet self-esteem

The best phase when you are single is when you start to live your life on your own and Totally free from expectations from the outside.

Small things like traveling on a weekend to the place you want, to enjoy on your own… going to the market to buy healthy foods for you, just because you want to take care of you… without thinking to please someone else… just you…

To go shopping and buy clothes related to your taste and to please you, not the others…

To buy the best makeup for your skin, the best shampoo for your hair just because you like this little details for pleasing you and no one else .

To decide to have a walk alone in a forest, just to feel your own presence in the planet.

This is part of self confidence… and happiness comes easily when you stop pleasing others.

You are the most important person for yourself 😉 and life is too short …

But, could we also recognise it also when we are in a relationship ? I do need some time on my own, even when I am living with somebody. I am writing now, as a single stage in my life.

But, why not during a relationship also invest in a time by yourself? Do you do this? I would love to read about it .

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