Body, mind and soul

Are you investing time for what brings you joy?

What is your passion?

Soccer is one of my passions. Maybe is my Brazilian culture.

People are always asking me if I am going to the games alone… yes! Why not? (At least was before the pandemics…)

But the main message is that to be single doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home waiting to do something only when you have somebody to go with you, that is not living!

Go after your passions, how many things that you love your are postponing just because you are waiting for someone to go with?

I am sure that you will enjoy a lot this time with yourself and who knows which new friends you can make there ! 🙂

I am making new friends wherever I go…

Life is short to be waiting for someone to walk with you, your life is only yours … your dreams and passions defines who your are and where are you willing to go in this short experience as a human. Go for it !

Follow your passions

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