My move to Germany – The beginning process

The decision & process to move

Just a small intro first:

A decision to move to another country is not an easy one, and of course, shouldn’t be taken so fast, it is a process. (An internal and an external process).

By internal process I mean: all the areas that influences your emotions and inner peace. Because moving out means be far away from the ones you love, means learning a new language, and also learning on how to deal with fear on the unknown. 

The external process refers about all the preparations in your life that you need to make, example: Prepare the language, learn the rules to move to that country: visa, work, living costs, laws, etc.

An important thing before deciding to live abroad is to know the place where you want to go. Germany has an important role in my life, always had. I come from a German immigrants family, from my Grandfather side, they moved to Brazil in the 1929, from my grandmother side, around 1890. Both histories are very nice to hear, and I am glad to dedicate another post to write it. 

My German GrandGrandparents in Brazil around 1910, (parents of my Grandmother)

So, the German culture was always part of my childhood: I’ve grew up with a Cuckoo-clock from my grand-grand father in my house, singing German songs in Christmas time. Being part of a German club (Verein), which I grew up having German food, and listening to German music. Listening my Oma(Grandma) and Opa(Grandpa) talking in German between them. Those are just some example…

The first time I came to Germany was in 2009 which I’ve traveled with a friend to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, and included Paris and Prague. It was a nice travel, but even more special because was the one I’ve met in person my German relatives (also another special story that deserves a dedicated post and a movie!).

Me on the left and my sister in our family trip in 2012.

After this travel I came back to Germany more 3 times, before I decided to move. Each travel was special, like in 2012 in which me, my parents and my sister made a road trip through the Romantic Road – was really amazing, and full of stops in very special towns one the way. 

In 2017 came another holiday through Germany. I was traveling alone through other cities I wished to meet, and when I was flying back to Brazil, I remember to wake up in the plane when it was landing in Guarulhos and … some tears came down through my eyes… I was so sad to leave Germany. There is a connection that comes beyond my family roots, is a passion with the history, the language, the culture… there is something from past lives I am sure… 

The decision & starting the process: 

Well, after that travel in 2017,  in which I was sooo connected to the German land, I have started to study on how could I make this move. I have bought a new notebook (I love writing and journaling), So I have started to ideate my mind map of possibilities, I remember to cross the main ones: Studying or Working. There was no other way.

I thought that Studying would be the best and easiest way, find a master, try to get a scholarship. So that is what I focused at the first time, I have seen many opportunities, that I liked off course. 

At the same time, I wouldn’t close the door to find a job. But, as I have been working in Corporate Innovation for so many years with international experience and made so many investments in certificates, I didn’t want to change my area which I love so much, so this was the condition that I would kept looking for jobs in my area. 

I did several interviews after some weeks searching, but the end was the same answer… I need to improve my German. Improve? Wrong word… I need to start! As I was in A1, I’ve decided to stop everything I was doing after work (my beloved Pilates and Yoga), to immerse into an intensive German classes with a private teacher which was an amazing one… and this 4x classes/week immersion I’ve finished A1 and was able to start A2. At this moment, I’ve also decided to take holidays to make another intensive class, but this time in Berlin. I went for 20 days intensive (From 08:00 til 14:00), which I could finish A2. Was very easy to dedicate so much into classes when I was in Berlin, as it was February and outside was from -3/-10 degrees Celsius… super freezing for me…  

This travel was particularly very important in my moving plan, as during this travel I did an amazing interview for the work that brought me to Germany 🙂 

When I’ve returned, it took me some days to prepare all the topics: 

  • The number one: talk with the family and get their partnership in this decision. It it very important, as I didn’t want to hurt them so much… Several people may not understand, but Brazilians are family kind people, we live with our parents until we get married, our families are everything, so it was for me the hardest and most important step. For my surprise, My parents were so happy and super supported my decision, that was like a breeze in my heart… 🙂 Was everything that I needed to get me the strengths to make the move.
  • Second step: Quit my job… Even though that I love until today my past company, and I have made so many great friends there, It was kind of easy to talk to my boss that I was quitting, as I was going to another country and full-fill my dream… 
  • Third step: Prepare all the documents necessary from the German Consulate to move.

One important thing during my moving process was the support from my future German company, they were amazing in everything, they knew the steps, They prepared documents and letters for me to present to the Consulate, and even helped me to find the right flat. They have even prepared a document with a lot of tips that would be important, like: doctors, health insurance, transportation, other types of insurances and so on… so I felt very secured with all this support. 

Conclusion if you are planning to move to another country:

  • Visit this country before, you need to know how is like living in that place, travel, go for vacation, make classes, to be sure that is the place you want to live. I know a lot of people who are unhappy here, they moved without knowing the country and now are unhappy – plan in advance… your happiness is the most important thing.
  • Learn the language – I am constantly learning. The pandemics delayed my improvements, but I have never stoped, now I am in B2, but also buying several books by myself to improve my vocabular. Also, listening to a lot of German music (I will write a post about the best musics and bands :D)
  • Travel with peace in your heart: for me, peace in my heart was to have the support from my family, my parents basically… they are so important for me, and be away is not easy. Several times I felt lonely and thought on coming back, with a call, they made me feel better. Family is everything, even far away, they are the best ones in our lives 🙂
  • Do what you love. Move to another country just to show pictures in instagram that you are living abroad shouldn’t be your driver, what do you love to do in life? What is the work you love ? Go after it, live a happy life today! (This is a tip, no matter where you are, even in your original home town…) But I see some people who moved to another country and are unhappy doing work that they don’t like, and there is no benefit to their lives at all… no money (living abroad is not cheap – so plan to avoid being without money, specially there are no people around to support), no happiness, no sense of fulfilment – you shouldn’t be living this way no matter where… so, find your peace with activities that you love. Even that I was looking for a work in Germany so hard, and dedicating a lot and investing a lot for improving my German, I wouldn’t come with a work that I wouldn’t like…
  • And the last tip: study, study, study all the plans possible, study about the country, the culture, the laws, the rules, the religious in the place (some countries this is very important), the clothes, the climate, the food, the health system, the living costs… more research the better, so you will be less surprised when things happen. (But, don’t worry, there will always have surprised on the way).

That is… a big post about the first step. 

In case you want specific tips or want to know more about Germany, the process to move, visa, etc. I am happy to help with information. Just comment here.

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