Life, the greatest laboratory…

I have heard once that life should be seen as a laboratory, so we can see the decision making moments lighter, if we see them as experiments: It can work out and it can not work out, but it is all fine, as we will definitely learn in both ways…

Making decision is a very important symbol of our self-confidence, and decision involves not only the “yes”, but also saying “no” is very important, it means we are selecting what we want to live and we know what we want.

This mindset of seeing life as a laboratory full of experiments, is very important when I have big decisions to make, like the biggest one I had so far: moving from Brazil to Germany.

This decision could have seen as an easy one, as living in Germany was always my dream (since my childhood), but leaving family, friends and a work that you love is not an easy thing.

After 3 years of this decision, I have decided to make this blog to share this amazing experience! A Brazilian view in living in the beautiful and cold Germany…

Enjoy the reading!


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